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Why You Can't Buy a Fast Marathon

Earlier this week, I was scrolling through social media and came across an article being shared around different running related accounts. It was an article in the Wall Street Journal discussing “The Next Level of Marathon Training”. This article was touting all the fancy devices and modalities available that claim to help you prepare for a marathon. I disagree with most of the claims in this article and wanted to highlight why this a focus on devices is not helpful to runners looking to improve their ability to compete.

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Stress Fracture Recovery Fundamentals

Bone stress injuries (BSIs) are complex. I’ve highlighted this idea in many posts and videos over the last few years. Today, I wanted to shift the focus from that idea to concrete ways we can confidently say a runner recovering from a BSI can begin running. With any running injury, the first question often asked is “When can I run?”. I wanted to cover a few benchmarks I feel are necessary for runners that sustain a BSI to master before we can begin running again.

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