Physical Therapy

woman receiving physical therapy adjustment

Injuries are one of the most frustrating part of running.

My mission is to get you back to training and competing as quickly as possible. We want to take a critical look at your injury and figure out a comprehensive plan to get you back on track. This is not about giving you a set of stretches, telling you to buy new shoes or that you need to train less.

It is about taking a critical look at your training history, strength, flexibility, running mechanics, and life loads.

We then put together a comprehensive plan specifically for YOU.

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What do Patients Say? 


"Since working with Nathan,  I have felt stronger on runs. The most notable change has been in my back strength. I notice my back doesn't hurt as much with day to day activities. The benefits haven’t just been running specific, they have positively affected my day-to-day abilities." 

Michaela Parisi

2019 KC Marathon Winner

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