Strength Training For Runners

As an endurance athlete, you have two goals. Stay healthy and race fast.

A high-level strength plan is a key piece staying health and racing at our best. Whether your goal is to win a state championship, grab a BQ, run in the Olympics or simply run for your mental health, I'll develop a specific plan for your situation. Taking into account your injury history, flexibility, strength, running mechanics, and experience. 

Each training session is tailored to you as an athlete and adjusted depending on where you are in your training year. 


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What Do Athletes Say? 


"Nathan has taught me skills for sustaining a healthy and long running career. My running times have decreased. My training capacity and ability to run higher mileage have improved. He individualizes each training session based on my needs for that day. I really like the way Nathan gets to know each client makes their progress and success about the athlete. Working with Nathan has reinforced my confidence in my body."

Riley Beach 
Kansas 6A XC State Champion
Kansas 6A 1600m State Champion


"I started working with Nathan when I had a stress fracture in middle school. We've worked together for 7-8 years during the off-seasons and I've had zero injuries. I ran personal bests every year through high school and now through college. I always look forward to my strength sessions. They are tailored to my needs and Nathan will adjust them if my training is at its peak. The strength sessions are always designed to work with my training schedule."

Danielle Hotalling 
All Big East XC 2019 + 2021

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