Scott and Lorri

"Our daughter has been working with Nathan since 2014. We sought him out based on his excellent credentials as someone qualified to work with a competitive runner post spinal-fusion surgery. Working with Nathan, Jordan has remained injury-free, achieved several post-season running goals, including qualifying for state in cross country, all-state honors in track and field, and has attracted the attention of Division I college coaches. He has been an important part of her success, and we are thankful to have found him!"  

Steve H

If you want to work with someone that knows what he is doing, Nathan will get you results. I signed up for a 10 week program with him and ended up with a new PR in the half marathon and a new PR in the full marathon which was a Boston Qualifier!           


Nathan's program focuses on the important strength, flexibility, and conditioning that I wasn't getting just from running. I went through several sessions of with him and noticed significant improvements and less soreness when running. I would have never had a clue what non-running exercises I should be doing if I had not gone through his program. I think his program has kept this old body running!