Hey! I’m Nathan Carlson a Kansas City based physical therapist and running coach.

My professional career has revolved around running. I've spent the last decade delving through the running literature. I've taken every continuing education course imaginable. I've sat with hundreds of runners struggling with injuries. I've woken up every day with the single goal of trying to master and understand my craft. Trying my best to understand why runners get hurt, how we can get them back to training, and how we can get them performing their best. 

I feel most rehab is underwhelming.
Fancy tools, basic exercises, and cookie-cutter programs.
The truth is you have already YouTube’d and Googled your injury. You've found a laundry list of exercises and things that haven’t helped. An internet search engine doesn’t fully capture your unique situation.

My goal is to give you the specific solution to YOUR specific problem.
Whether you are trying to get back from an injury or chasing that elusive race goal I’m here for you. I’m in YOUR corner. Ready to help provide guidance and a plan from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.
Let me tell you a secret.
  • You CAN be a motivated high school runner and have a healthy, long-term relationship with running.
  • You CAN be a busy parent with a demanding job AND get a BQ.
  • You CAN jump off of the revolving treadmill of running injuries.

You just need to work with someone who gets it, understands your goals, and can help you find simple solutions to complex problems.

Ready? Let's get to work!

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What Can I Help You With?

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Physical Therapy

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Runners Assessment 

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Strength Training

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Check Out These Resources For Athletes

Featured Resource: A Guidebook To Running After A Stress Fracture
Stress fractures are THE most challenging injury a runner can face. A poor understanding of why these injuries happen often leads to a rehab plan that’s too simplistic with a poor understanding of the demands of running, the complexity of stress fractures, or the uniqueness of you. That’s why I’ve put together this guide — to help take the guesswork out of stress fractures and put you back on a path to success. 
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What  Athletes Have to Say


"After a few months of working with Nathan I began to notice that I wasn't in pain every day anymore. His programming was specific to me, my lifestyle, and the demands of my training at the time. I felt stronger in every race from the mile to the marathon. He cares about his clients as individuals and takes the time to understand you as a person and athlete. He meets you exactly where you are with a program that is functional and sustainable."

Jessica Allen -
Olympic Trials Qualifier in the Marathon (2:41)
Missouri State University 3,000m Record Holder

"Working with Nathan helped me identify areas for improvement in my strength training and injury prevention exercises. He understands the importance of not only building rapport, but a lasting relationship to cultivate understanding and belief in the training methods. After listening to my running background and determining what variables have an effect on my training, we developed a plan together. Before working with him, I tended to overlook many variables in my life that could have an effect on my performance. I felt cared about when Nate would ask me about my general well-being at the start of each session. This had a profound effect on my training. You'd be hard-pressed to find another professional that compares to what he is able to provide."

Bryce Miller
2-Time NCAA All American
Olympic Trials Qualifier (Steeple Chase)

"I was referred to Nathan as a senior in high school for the continuation of physical therapy and further strength training after having surgery for a navicular stress fracture. Nathan was invaluable in my return to racing with his extensive work with runners, knowledge of running injuries, rehab and injury prevention. I was able to have a successful senior track season and continue setting PRs at Oklahoma State where I have since become an All-American in cross country. I have continued working with Nathan for strength training every opportunity I can in the summer and winter breaks when I am home from school. He is flexible with my schedule and easy to reach via text or call. Since working with Nathan I feel stronger, healthier and less injury prone."

Molly Born
8 Time High School State Champion - XC/Track
NCAA All American in Cross Country

"Nathan has been an asset to many of our athletes, especially those with the most complex injuries. His expertise as a physical therapist and running coach gain him instant credibility. His thoughtful and integrated approach allows him to uncover and address underlying issues. We have thrown some of our toughest cases at Nathan. His ability to create tailored solutions has improved many collegiate running careers."

Charlie Emerson - Head Athletic Trainer for UMKC Athletics

"In my 15+ years in sport, nothing has elevated my performance more than strength training with Nathan. Handing over the reins to Nathan for strength training was the best decision I could've made. His programming is tactful and specific with each movement or lift having a purpose. In my first year with Nathan, I took 46 minutes off my best (Kona Qualifying) Ironman time. He is patient, intelligent, timely, and cares about his athletes."

Rachael Norfleet- 
Kona Qualifier
IM Santa Rosa  Age Group Champion