Hey! I’m Nathan Carlson
I help dedicated runners get healthy, get strong, and compete at their highest potential.

Hey! I’m Nathan Carlson Kansas City-based physical therapist, coach, and consultant. I help dedicated runners get healthy, get strong, and compete at their highest potential.

Most running rehab is underwhelming

The truth is you have already YouTube’d and Googled your injury.
You’ve found a laundry list of exercises and interventions that have yet to help.

My goal is to give you the specific solution to YOUR specific problem.

Whether you are trying to get back from an injury or chasing that elusive race goal, I’ll help you move from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

I aim to combine the science of running with the uniqueness of you. I help dedicated runners get healthy, get strong, and compete at their highest potential.

How Can I Help You?

Get healthy. Stay healthy. Race fast.

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My professional career is built around helping runners stay in the game

I’m Nathan Carlson,
a Kansas City-based physical therapist, coach, and consultant

Whether you are a newbie or an elite, I want to help you enjoy consistent training that meshes with your unique life. Because if your running is right, life is good.

Unfortunately, injuries happen. Effectively and efficiently getting out of the medical system is crucial to get you back to the starting line. You don’t have time for medical appointments and time away from the running community.

I aim to combine practical screening tools, running-specific exercise prescription, sound strength training principles, and training fundamentals to help you return to 100%. And I’ve got over a decade of experience with hundreds of runners doing just that.

You’re smart, resourceful, and more resilient than you may think. Let me give you the tools you need to stay in the game.

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How Do Stress Fractures Heal?

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