Nathan Carlson PT, DPT USATF


Hey. I’m Nathan.

I’m a physical therapist, coach, runner, and consultant based out of Kansas City. I’m lucky enough to work with runners everyday.
I got exposed to running at a young age. One of my earliest memories is my grandpa racing at the Senior Olympics in the mid-90s. A 5 foot 6 burst of short shorts, silver hair, and rimless glasses. Watching him dart around a track in Raytown, Missouri is etched into my brain.
I grew up in a family of distance runners, but it wasn't till college that I got hooked. My kinesiology professor started sharing his research on elite Kenyan runners, the basics of running physiology and the book The Lore of Running.
I was hooked. 
I spent my college years running whenever I could. This led to many silly training decisions and injuries. Those mistakes fueled my motivation to learn everything I could about the sport which led me to physical therapy school at Rockhurst University. 
There is something special about this sport.
My professional career has revolved around running. I've spent the last decade trying to learn as much as possible. Delving into the running literature. Trying to learn from the experts in the field of running, strength training, and psychology. I've sat with hundreds of runners struggling with injuries. I've heard their stories and frustrations. I've woken up every day with the single goal of trying to master and understand my craft.
Whether working with a patient, training a client, recording a podcast, or writing a piece of content, my goal is to help YOU. I want to help answer all your running questions and provide you with the knowledge to get the most out of your running experience.
Life is hard. Training and injuries are complex. Let me give you some simple solutions to complex problems.
Have a question? Drop me a line below.
Thanks for taking the time to visit my site!