Achilles Tendinitis: How Do I Get Back to Running?!

The sun slowly cracks through your window as you slowly wake from a restful night’s sleep. You throw your feet over the side of the bed ready to attack your day. Then “BAM!” an invisible foe sticks an imaginary knife in the back of your heel, rendering you motionless and ready to crawl back under the covers.

Should Runners Train Like Bodybuilders?

Runners are often as nervous about the weight room as they are about taking a day off. Fear of injury, confusion at what to do, and the nerves of pumping iron next to a bunch of meatheads with protein shakers keep them relegated to the “core” area with body weight and bands. They’re also deathly afraid of putting on weight. Maybe bulking up our runners should be the goal?

Treating Runners Like Numbers

It usually starts with a single conversation: a few words, a simple comment, or chatter at a meet. A seemingly meaningless interaction that sets the stage for lifelong troubles. I was finishing up a session with one of my long-term clients when the conversation quickly switched from superficial topics to her experiences growing up. She spoke on struggles with an …

When should I race after a stress fracture?

A runner begrudgingly crutches into their physician’s office with a stress fracture diagnosis and beautiful black boot. The million-dollar question of “When can I run again?” is proposed, and unemotional calculation occurs. The runner quickly circles the specific date on their calendar and heads to the gym to tread water and spin on a bike. Time slowly passes like a kid waiting for Christmas. As the sun rises on the morning of the circled date, the runner happily exits their front door and starts their return to run progression.