Hip Anatomy

Mastering the Runner’s Hip Flexors

The hip is a complex beast. It’s got lots of muscles, tendons, fascia, blood vessels, and other internal structures. It needs to be… Mobile enough to get through our day to day life. Strong enough to help us kick into extra gear when we are on the track. Durable enough to keep us efficient on a longer effort.  How does …

What Should My Hips Do When I Run (Video)?

The hip gets blamed for a lot of running problems. What does the hip actually do? In this video, I break down the key things you need to know about hip anatomy, how our hip functions when we run, and what you can do to develop strong, sturdy hips for training and racing. Let’s talk about your hips. I don’t …

Back Squats for Bone Health

Squats are tough. They are also vital for strong running bones. Check out the three crucial squat variations I have runners master.