Mastering the Runner’s Glute Medius

Runners talk about their butt more than any other muscle in the body. Normally, these are frustrated runners airing grievances against a poorly performing posterior. Today, we are covering the the lateral hip, specifically the glutes. We talked about the glute max in part II and will be focusing on the other glutes muscles that make up our glute trio. …

What Should My Hips Do When I Run (Video)?

The hip gets blamed for a lot of running problems. What does the hip actually do? In this video, I break down the key things you need to know about hip anatomy, how our hip functions when we run, and what you can do to develop strong, sturdy hips for training and racing. Let’s talk about your hips. I don’t …

What FAI is, What it’s Not and How That Affects its Management (Part I)

The body of research on FAI (hip impingement) has increased substantially over the past few years. The number of runners and triathletes treated with this diagnosis seems to be growing too. Most runners are told they have a misshaped bone in their hip that irritates the joint, causes a labral tear, or relates to another hip “issue.”
Let’s set some basics on what FAI is and what it is not.