Take The Guesswork Out of Stress Fractures and Get Your Athletes Back in Action

Let me guess...

You're a coach or clinician struggling with how to manage stress fractures.

You have your athletes take some time off, maybe throw on a walking boot and start spinning on the bike, but you find yourself without a defined plan or path back to training and competition.

Getting them back to a slow, gingerly jog is fine, but there’s no real plan for getting back to their previous self. It’s really crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. 

Stress fractures are complicated!

And here's the hardest part...

If your athlete makes it through rehab you find yourself crossing your fingers the next run doesn't land them back in the doctor's office, back on crutches, and maybe even end their running career. 

The stakes for getting your rehab and run progression right are high!


As a physical therapist, I've helped hundreds of runners battle back from stress fractures. As a coach, I've sat without countless runners, worried about how to keep the next one at bay. As an educator, I've worked with hundreds of rehab pros struggling with how to put their patients and athletes on the optimal path back to healthy training. 

Let's take the guesswork out of what you NEED to do to get your runners back to 100%.

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Here's What We'll Cover In This Guide

  • Crucial principles regarding the behavior of bone
  • The importance of specific bones being low or high risk
  • Typical time frames for returning to running following a stress fracture
  • Simple self-assessments to investigate nutrition, hormone function, and bone health
  • How to progress the frequency, duration, and intensity of your training
  • How to determine if a runner has progressed too quickly
  • How to put together a comprehensive plan from the initial injury back to full competition

Let's take a peek inside ⬇️

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This guide is packed full of the last 10 years of my experience helping athletes come back strong from frustrating stress fractures and return to the sport they love. It's possible. This guide can help. 

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"Nathan was invaluable in my return to racing with his extensive work with runners, knowledge of stress fractures, rehab, and injury prevention. I have been able to become an All-American in cross country at Oklahoma State. Since working with Nathan, I feel stronger, healthier, and less injury prone."
Molly Born 8-Time High School State Champion NCAA All-American

"Nathan has taught me skills for sustaining a healthy and long running career. My training capacity and ability to run higher mileage have improved. Working with Nathan has reinforced my confidence in my body."

Riley Beach 2x KSHAA State Champion