Learn To Navigate High School Running While Avoiding Burnout And Injury

A high school running career can be like crossing a metaphorical minefield. Injuries, health concerns, and lack of motivation are ready to pop up at any moment. 

The process can leaves coaches, parents, and clinicians wondering: 

  • How do we help young runners reach their full potential? 
  • How do we optimize training for peak performance without burning athletes out?  
  • How do we avoid potential problems with bone health, disordered eating, and mental health?

That’s why I made this guide.

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My name is Nathan Carlson.

I'm a physical therapist and running coach. I’ve spent the last decade combing through the literature on high school running and had my boots in the trenches of high school training and racing.   

I’ve trained 50+ All-State Performers, high schoolers struggling with a laundry list of injuries, and athlete’s just trying to make the varsity squad. The truth is, they all deal with the same problems.

This guide combines the science and practical knowledge necessary for runners to enjoy a healthy, happy relationship with running while crushing PRs.

If you are a parent or athlete this is the base knowledge you want as you navigate this sport. If you’re a coach or clinician, it will help you appropriately screen and manage common pitfalls before they occur.

I also include a 14-week strength training and plyometric  plan that I've used with multiple state champions and collegiate All-Americans. 

Download The Guide Here

Here's What We'll Cover In This Guide

  • Key training fundamentals
  • Vital medical screenings
  • How running impacts our bones
  • Common nutrition errors
  • Misconceptions about injuries
  • How to navigate pain
  • How to implement strength training during training
  • Broadening your identity beyond running

Who is this for?

> High School and College Runners
> Parents of Runners
> Running Coaches
> Rehab Professionals

What Do You Get?

> 52 Page Manual
14-Week Running-Specific Strength Training Plan
> 40 High-Quality Exercise Videos

Testimonials From My Clients

"Nathan has taught me skills for sustaining a healthy and long running career. My running times have decreased. My training capacity and ability to run higher mileage have improved. Working with Nathan has reinforced my confidence in my body."
Riley Beach Kansas 6A XC State Champion Kansas 6A 1600m State Champion
"I started working with Nathan when I had a stress fracture in middle school. We've worked together for 7-8 years during the off-season and I've had zero injuries. I ran personal bests every year through high school and now through college.”
Danielle Hotalling All-Big East XC 2019 + 2021
"Nathan was invaluable in my return to racing with his extensive work with runners, knowledge of running injuries, rehab, and injury prevention. I was able to have a successful senior track season and continue setting PRs at Oklahoma State where I have since become an All-American in cross country. Since working with Nathan I feel stronger, healthier, and less injury-prone."
Molly Born 8 Time High School State Champion - Cross Country + /Track NCAA All American in Cross Country

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This guide is packed full of the last 10 years of my experience helping high school students lead successful running careers. You can too--it all starts with the right foundation.

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