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A Guidebook To Running After A Stress Fracture


Running on Resistance Strength Training for Runners


Definitive Guide To High School Running



the Building Blocks of Strength for Runners

A no-nonsense digital guide for runners, coaches, & clinicians, who are looking to seamlessly incorporate resistance training into their overall running program.

Who knew that with nothing more than a couple of cinder blocks, which cost less than $5, runners essentially have nearly all the equipment needed to develop running-specific strength, coordination, & power. Let us show you how!


6 week Virtual cohort

Stress fracture school

A 6-week virtual cohort designed to help you become an expert at managing stress fractures.

Learn bone biology principles, thorough examination techniques, gait analysis, tailored exercise programs, and community leadership in stress fracture care. Discover how to adjust running schedules post-diagnosis. Plus, access the exclusive Facebook group for ongoing support and knowledge expansion. Elevate your expertise in stress fracture management.

foot in a yellow cast from a stress fracture
Logo for the physical therapist business course The Long Run

Running Your Business

A Mastermind For Clinicians Ready To Start or Level Up Their Fee-For-Service Business

Whether you want to step out on your own or become the go-to running resource in your community, Chris Johnson and I have your back.

This mastermind is designed for clinicians and coaches looking to build a business they love that doesn’t run them. We are confident you will finish the cohort with the skills and knowledge required to navigate your business and career.

In the cohort we cover

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