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Running on Resistance

The Ultimate Guide for athletes and practitioners who are looking to enhance their understanding of exercise prescription and strength training for runners.

Running has a predictable set of performance demands. Preparing runners for healthy training should not be such a mystery.

This guide lays out the primary exercises and drills that we routinely prescribe to runners across the injury-to-performance spectrum.

Regardless of whether you are rebounding from an injury, dealing with niggles that constantly interfere with your training, or looking to reach a performance milestone, the information in this guide will be of interest to you. Wishing you happy, healthy, & strong training!


    • Fifteen unique chapters related to exercise prescription, programming, and building relationships with runners

    • Access to 75+ high-resolution videos that walk viewers through each exercise so nothing is lost in translation

    • In-depth explanations regarding the rationale, implementation, and specific learning objectives to ensure proper execution of each exercise

    • Three 12 week running and triathlon lifting programs designed to keep you healthy and setting prs on race day.



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